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SEPTEMBER 21 - 24 2023

Experience this year's essential stories of bravery, resilience, peace, and reconciliation at the International Peace Festival. The annual Film for Peace International (FPI) and International Peace Alliance return to Toronto this September.


Cinema has a great power of influence on society.

The 7th art is a weapon of massive emotion.

This influence must be used in favour of peace and reconciliation processes.


The IPA Film for Peace film programming consists of 10 films each of which has been selected to represent a region of the world. The films showcased at the annual festival represent the following geographical regions:

Africa     Asia     Central America     Eastern Europe     European Union     Middle East     

North America     Oceania     South America     The Caribbean

A picture of a team amidst a film shoot.

The films are chosen by the festival's programming division based on the filmmakers' vision in expressing issues of conflict and resolution, including reconciliation processes. Film for Peace International is here to support the creative searches of young filmmakers in addressing such issues as drug abuse, mental health, bullying, social isolation, racism, and poverty, especially with a focus on the problems encountered by youth. Entrants are judged on their ability to effectively communicate, through the medium of film, potential solutions to achieving sustainable peace as a community. Ten films, each of which will originate from a world region mostly aligned with the continent on which the country of film origin is located, will be selected to be showcased at the International Peace Alliance | Alliance Internationale De La Paix on September 21-24, 2023.

Film for Peace International (FPI) showcases independent film – long, short, narrative and documentary – and animated film and introduces a unique and diverse content, focused on essential stories of bravery, resilience, peace and reconciliation. The festival is committed to exhibiting films that express fresh voices and differing global perspectives to enlighten audiences, educate, provide invaluable exposure for filmmakers, and present inspired entertainment for the sole purpose of global peace. IPA-AIP draws the best films focused on the development of world peace from the international community, with the participation of 289 Consulates and Cultural Institutes. Driven by excellence, the festival showcases hidden gem and award-winning films to the great delight of Canadian and international audiences.

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