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Reza Radman


Reza Radman is a distinguished IT Executive with an extensive track record in overseeing multifaceted IT projects and teams across diverse international organizations, encompassing humanitarian missions and collaborations with worldwide partners. As a former UNICEF IT Emergency Response Team member, Reza directed the ICT Unit for several years, managing daily operations and setting strategic goals. His active participation in the Global Emergency Response Team was complemented by his establishment and leadership of the Innovation Taskforce, which fostered inventive solutions and enhancements.

As a Certified VSAT professional, Reza successfully managed satellite communications for UNICEF in many countries including Uganda (2012) and Hungary (2016). His broad range of responsibilities also included implementing, developing, and maintaining HF and VHF radio networks to ensure dependable communication channels. Furthermore, Reza was involved in installing, monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing network hardware, software, and communication links.

Since 2018, Reza has transitioned into the private sector, where he currently oversees 20+ Technical Support Response teams comprised of engineers, and provides technical communication management services to over 100 companies. A holder of numerous certifications and a participant in professional development training, Reza also possesses a postgraduate degree in Information Technology from Derby University in the UK and is certified in Project Management.

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