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David Caten

Music Ambassador
Music For Peace International
(American / Caribbean Music Wing)

David Caten's focus as Music Ambassador of IPF's Music for Peace (American / Caribbean Wing) spans an amazing array of American and Caribbean music genres from rock, soul, jazz, ragae, calypso, soca, blues and more. His track record of charitable work such as pro bono educational seminars, non-profit fundraising, fully-funded performance opportunities, along with his sponsorships of activities promoting diversity and inclusion, continues to grow and expand.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, then immigrating to Canada from England, David had the opportunity to immerse himself in the cultural richness and diversity prevalent around him. It is in this multi-cultural environment that he developed his musicianship both as a singer and as a multi-instrumentalist. His work in social services and as a crisis intervention worker only solidified his appreciation of the healing power of music. He believes in using music to promote and complement the healing process and strives to enrich the global community with the musical and artistic contributions of Music For Peace International (American / Caribbean Music Wing).

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