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Cynthia Richards

Elizabeth Fry Toronto

Cynthia Richards is a women rights advocate and counsellor. She graduated with honors from the Assaulted Women’s Counsellor Advocate Program at George Brown College and is currently working as a counselor with Elizabeth Fry Toronto. Before joining Elizabeth Fry Toronto, she worked for Canada Post Corporation representing the Canadian Union of Postal employees as a support counsellor. She held the post of Local President, OPSEU region 518 and is certified as a life skills coach by the YWCA.

Cynthia realized that her passion was in working with people and so she enhanced her educational and training needs to be able to support clients in reaching their employment goals, helping them to build their communication and social skills and awareness, and empowering them with advocacy skills. As a participant in and contributor to IPF’s Speakers Spotlight Series, Cynthia addresses the need for the implementation of preventive measures and education of the young in overcoming the risk of interaction with the criminal justice system. She explains how even a casual brush with the law can permanently mar a young person’s life.

The IPF l FIP is honoured to welcome Cynthia Richards as a panelist at this year’s youth panel discussion, The Guardians of Peace, to be held at the University Club of Toronto, 380 University Avenue, Toronto, on Thursday, September 21st, 2pm-4pm.

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