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Munir Maani

Film For Peace

Munir Maani is a visionary film producer, director and film music composer who has gained a reputation as a multi-talented independent filmmaker. He is considered a leader in Canada’s filmmaking community, and is a sought-after speaker and authoritative voice on social and original storytelling. Munir leads an international team with the inspiring vision to source and produce films that empower diverse voices.

In addition to the craft of producing and directing short films and independent projects, Munir has drawn on his musical expertise and training to create unique and powerful soundtracks for his films and for independent singers. His career highlights include the documentaries – “Endangered Professions”, “Hope!”, “Hidden Pearls”, “Arohi” (Classical Music); and, the short films – “Cross Road” and “Second Chance”.

Munir has several projects in development and is currently working on a new documentary film that explores the lives of transgenders in third world countries as well as a new album of original music that he plans to release in conjunction with the film. As Director of the Film for Peace program of the International Peace Festival, Munir aims at strengthening the program’s mandate in presenting and promoting films focusing on people’s right to peace.

For the 2023 edition, the International Peace Festival intends to strengthen its presence in this area by providing further marketing opportunities to engaging and quality films focusing on human rights, such as people’s right to peace, the right to water, disarmament, women and children’s rights, the right to a healthy environment, and the right to health care. Munir will head the programming division of the FPI in presenting ten special merit film awards associated with such themes.

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