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Maureen Abhulimen

Black Arts Program

Maureen Abhulimen is a dedicated attorney and compassionate advocate for social justice, renowned for her steadfast commitment and profound dedication to creating a safer, more peaceful, and more equitable world for vulnerable individuals. Maureen's passion for law and advocacy was ignited during her formative years when she witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by marginalized communities. She pursued her academic endeavours with purpose, earning her Bachelor of Laws degree from Ambrose Alli University, Edo State, Nigeria, and later obtaining her call to the Nigerian Bar Association.

After graduation, while at the university, Maureen formed an organization known as the 'THRESHOLD for Justice for Women and Children,' where she advocated for widows and the girl child. Under this umbrella, the non-profit organization stood for abused women and children who were denied their inheritance because of their gender and the young girls who were sexually abused and could not get justice either because they could not afford it or because no one believed that they were innocent.

After moving to Canada with her family in 2016, Maureen continued her philanthropic work with the founding of the Firm Voice Foundation (FVF). This ground-breaking non-profit organization provides a comprehensive range of services, including shelter, counselling, legal aid and advocacy, to women and families affected by domestic violence. FVF is also committed to serve individuals and communities of African descendant people across the diaspora, who have experienced or are survivors of abuse and discrimination, through the creative expression of the Foundation’s Black Arts program.

Maureen recognizes the healing power of art and the need to respond to barriers that Black artists and art communities face due to anti-Black racism. In implementing IPF’s Black Arts initiative, Maureen strives to increase access to, awareness of, and participation by Black artists, while amplifying the work of Black artists and creating avenues for sustainable art practice. As Director of IPF’s Black Arts Program, Maureen brings her executive skills to the foreground of the cultural and artistic administrative arm of the organization through proper management, operational assessment and strategic planning, fundraising and development, board development, special event and production, and cross-cultural collaboration.

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