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Hemal Mehta

Music Ambassador
Music For Peace International
(Indian Music Wing)

Hemal Mehta is a co-founder of Music For Peace International (Indian Music Wing). Designed, created and driven by Hemal Mehta, Sat Anand, and Munir Maani, MFP International (Indian Music Wing) aims to become a crossroads of Indian musical genres. It is a musical, educational and cultural initiative of a kind never before seen. Born amidst the pandemic to inspire a community and bring together artists, MFP (IMW) aims to take up the challenges of the 21st century in upholding values of togetherness and sustainable development by offering a rich program, popular transmission and interdisciplinary exchanges in the field of Indian music.

Over the years, Hemal’s life journey has made him see, feel, and take into account the importance of music and culture, in a world that has become more and more divisive, violent and inhuman. As Music Ambassador of Music For Peace International (Indian Music Wing), it is his aim to use the strength of this universal language to give a new life to the diverse heritage of Indian music and a changed tone: that of fraternity and the joy of living. In creating MFP (IMW), Hamel fostered the organization’s presence around the world, with musical wings established in 18 countries and across all 7 continents as a means of promoting peace through music and to provide a platform for singers to showcase their talents.

Organizational leader with strong business acumen in IT and finance, Hemal has created, executed and maintained multiple musical events as a particular form of music diplomacy from all over the world. With his initiative, the MFP International (Indian Music Wing) has organized more than 300+ live shows worldwide and on social media forums such as Facebook, including the well-known North American Singing Superstar competition. With more than 150 participating singers, the MFP International (Indian Music Wing) has also organized live stage productions, showcasing more than 30 talented artists from Toronto, Canada, with the aim of honoring the colorful history of Bollywood and Punjabi music on the world stage.

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