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Sat Anand

Music Ambassador
Music For Peace International
(Indian Music Wing)

Sat Anand is a longstanding champion of groundbreaking musical artists, and fierce advocate of distinct musical voices, with decades long track record in using the convening power of music as a vehicle to maximize the benefits of cultural harmony through the use of this universal language. He is a co-founder of Music For Peace International (Indian Music Wing).

Designed, created and driven by Sat Anand, Hemal Mehta and Munir Maani, MFP International (Indian Music Wing) aims to become a crossroads of Indian musical genres. It is a musical, educational and cultural initiative of a kind never before seen. Born amidst the pandemic to inspire a community and bring together artists, MFP (IMW) aims to take up the challenges of the 21st century in upholding values of togetherness and sustainable development by offering a rich program, popular transmission and interdisciplinary exchanges in the field of Indian music.

Sat personally supports a range of charitable campaigns and is currently the Chair of TNCAER (Toronto North Community Awareness), a non-profit organization. He sits on several public and private Boards. As a certified auditor, he is involved in audit responsibilities for various governmental and public agencies such as Transport Canada, Environment Canada, Ministry of Labour, Health Canada, Responsible Distribution Canada and a number of Fire Departments.

Sat is a Professional Engineer and holds a Master of Applied Science degree and a Bachelor of Honours in Mathematics degree. He has worked with multinational corporations around the world, including National Fertilizer Ltd. in India, Kuwait National Petroleum Company in Kuwait and Dow Chemicals in Los Angeles, USA. He currently works at Anco Chemicals Inc., as a quality/regulatory/safety executive in charge of multiple Canadian locations.

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