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Rim Guerriche

Partnerships & Development

Rim Guerriche is a Financial Analyst with more than two decades of investment industry experience as a financial research analyst managing the portfolio of multiple global financial institutions. She is responsible for leading the creation of new business ventures and revenue streams for corporations with a worldwide presence. In fulfilling her functions, Rim has been fortunate to use her multilingual skills (French, English, Arabic, Urdu, Italian), having worked in Europe, the Middle-East and Canada (notably Paris, Kuwait, Toronto).

Rim holds a Master's degree in Management from the University of Toulouse in France. In her role as Director of Partnerships and Development for the International Peace Festival (IPF), she works to produce new content for distribution across diverse networks through innovative strategic partnerships with a focus on digital strategy, partnerships, integrated marketing, and event management. Rim is responsible for reviewing IPF’s existing strategies and identifying areas of improvement where processes are not functioning at optimal levels.

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