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Mike Molloy

Peace Projects

Mike Molloy comes from a long-line of peace activists with a family legacy spanning more that 100 years of wide-ranging involvement in the International Peace Movement. Mike is regarded as an Irish veteran of the peace movement and renowned strategic catalyst with more than 30 years of work experience in senior executive positions spanning across government as well as the corporate sector.

Mike has held office as Executive Director, Policy & Strategy, for the Government of the UK, serving as Senior Advisor to British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as well as former Foreign Secretary David Miliband and at the United Nations and the European Union.

As a prominent figure within the peace movement, Mike is honoured to host and moderate high profile peacebuilding platforms such as the 2023 edition of the International Peace Festival. A world leader in communication and leadership development, Mike is often asked to be a keynote speaker at conferences and contributes to empower organizations with strategic solutions.

In his role as IPF’s Director of Peace Projects, Mike works diligently to develop IPF’s growing network of peacebuilding art and cultural initiatives around the world and consults with art and cultural peacebuilding experts and other contacts when including new initiatives in IPF’s global network of peace projects

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