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Marino Favretto

Audience and Community

Marino Favretto’s seemingly boundless creative talents are remarkable indeed. An inherent flair for creativity, singularity, sophistication and ocular magnetism are all encompassed in Marino’s spectacular photographic work. A renowned photographer, Marino serves as the official photographer of the International Peace Festival. His vast array of work connects people from around the world to the social and cultural events of our time.

From high fashion and cultural to corporate and private events, Marino has worked as Toronto Kids Fashion Week Official Photographer, TKFW Official Audition Photographer, Miss Heritage Beyond Borders Event Photographer, FAT Fashion Art Toronto Event Photographer, Youth Day Fashion Gala Photographer, Make It Count TV Photographer, Miss Face of Humanity Event Photographer, Diego Snow Art Exhibition Photographer, Hamilton Fashion Show and BizFashion Magazine Photographer, and Fashion Circuit Series Photographer.

Product marketing and personal branding have also comprised a major focus of Marino’s work, including such organizations as the Hollistic Journey Therapist, La Briochine & Paro Centre, VMTM Vogue Models & Talent Hamilton, UNIK Models Agency, Rrina La Reine Couture, and artists - Juno Nominated FETRAA, singer/musician Delon Om, musician/producer David B. Neale, musician/singer/song writer David Gallagher, and actress Kris Orticello. A four-time award recipient of the prestigious Top BizFashion Photographer Award, Marino remains committed to the use of photography as a tool to actively support peace.

Though Marino’s Fotography remains the official photographic agency of the IPF’s yearly festival and year-round events, as the International Peace Festival’s Director of Audience and Community, Marino intends to bring his vision to unite people and communities through a participatory approach in the use of photography and images that can contribute to opening a dialogue between (former) enemy groups in post-conflict communities. It is his hope that this type of project design can ultimately contribute to processes of social change in the aftermath of violence.

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