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Don Maestro

Music for Peace

CommanderCdR Don MAESTRO is an internationally-renowned Composer and Concert performer with an illustrious career as a musical Producer, Organist, Pianist, Violinist and Conductor of the finest orchestras in the world, whose family lineage comprises three generations of Pianists (his father Joe was a Pianist for the American officers) and Violinists. He is the recipient of many accolades and was awarded the Order of CommanderCdR of the Arts 1993 (AIAC) of Belgium.

Mr. MAESTRO’s further awards and honours include:

• 2017 Grand Prize winner of the Academy ARTS-SCIENCE-LETTERS (ASL) Laureate Medal issued under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic of France and the aegis of the French Academy
• Laureate Silver Medal as Composer and Concert Artist (ASL)
• 2014 EuroMusic Contest #EMC2014 Under the High patronage of the Consul General of MONACO
• Composer & Producer representing MONACO
• 1992 International Academy of Lutetia of FRANCE (AIL)
Artist Composer-Concertist GUESTBOOK
• 1992 Doctor Honoris Causa (Dr.h.c.) in Music of International Academy of Contemporary Arts of BELGIUM (AIAC)
• 1991 International Grand Prize for Musical Composition.Academic Palms & Arts Officer (AIAC)
• 1991 Gold Medalist – Composer Laureate of European Courtesy Circle
• 1989-2023 SACEM-Society of Authors, Composer and Music Publishers of France Composer member
• 1987 JAPAN Centenary Grand Prize 1887 IEF 1987 Gold Medals for the Organ
• N.1 of EUROPE IEF Festival at the Convention Center of PARIS, in Lyon & at the MOGADOR theater in PARIS 1986
• Concert Organist Ambassador representing Southern Europe, World Medalist Laureate of the Organ, Most Performed Symphonic Organ in the World Centenary Grand Prize of TOKYO 1887 IEF 1987 International Festival
• 1984 First Prize for the Violin of LEOPOLD BELLAN PARIS International Music Competition Master-Class of Organ of the Director by Master Christian MANEN, First Grand Prix de ROME
• 1981 First Prize for the Violin of NERINI Violin Competition in PARIS
• 1982-1984 Higher Diploma in Violin by Master Michel CHAUVETON, international Violinist of USA at the European Conservatory of Music in PARIS
• 1985 Piano Jazz Master-Class by Master CHARLES-HENRY at the International Jazz Conservatory of Music in Paris
• 1992 " Honoris Causa " Honourary Distinction of BELGIUM-Hispanic Association

In his capacity as Spokesperson and Special Advisor to His Excellency the Consul General of Monaco in Belgium, Mr. MAESTRO has coordinated worldwide events on behalf of the Principality of Monaco. Since 2006, Mr. MAESTRO has also held the position of President of MA€STRO International Music Bank (MIMB@nk), the first music bank in the world headquartered in Switzerland. He is also the President and Founder of MAESTRO WOrld Academy since 1989 MWA 2023 and Académie Internationale de Musique W.A. MOZART

In addition to his schedule concertizing around the world, Mr. MAESTRO has been busy planning and producing musical events through his company MAESTRO WOrld Events 1987 MWE 2023. Most recently in 2023, he performed as soloist at Carnegie Hall in New York City with more performances scheduled for 2024. Mr. CommanderCdR Don MAESTRO hopes to enrich the IPF-FIP Music for Peace program with his varied and multi-faceted international experience and believes in the power of music to bring people together and promote Peace.

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