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Daniel Moore

Technology Project Manager

Daniel Moore is an IT professional who puts his skills to work for the better of his community and beyond. Over the years he has worked with various organizations providing end users with effective IT advice, support, and leadership to help meet their organizational needs. He is a graduate of Conestoga College Institute of Technologies with a Cum-Laude Degree in Computer Programming. As a Design IT Specialist, he has embraced change providing IT systems support not only in the world of programming but also in film, animation, photo-editing, web design, server maintenance, gaming, and 3D modeling, among others. He has worked with multinational corporations on international projects spanning the world, including projects in Canada, the United States, Brazil and Romania.

In his capacity as Technology Project Manager for the International Peace Festival, Daniel is responsible for technical planning, integration, systems analysis, design, development, unit and component systems testing, support-maintenance, and more. Meaningful, effective relationship-building is part of what Daniel does best as he works together with technology project managers, delivery partners, business and systems analysts, testing and quality assurance teams, sponsors and so many other stakeholders to clarify requirements. For these past two years, Daniel has acted as the on-site Lead Computer Technician and Technology Project Manager of the International Peace Festival, troubleshooting IT services and activities during the course of the festival.

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