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Daniel Ayisi

Music Ambassador
Music For Peace International
(West African Music Wing)

Daniel Ayisi is of Ghanaian descent and lives in Ghana. From an early age, he knew that music would be his vocation and so he chose to pursue music as a medium to communicate issues close to his heart. He is a contemporary music artist who uses his musical talent to address such issues as peace, women’s and children’s rights and the rights to a safe and healthy environment. Indeed, his most recent composition, Peace World Need, focuses on these issues.

Daniel is not only a lyricist and music composer but also a singer who performs his own songs. He believes music is an impulse that places the human being in harmony with themselves, with their family, community, nation and with Mother Earth. He promotes music as an instrument to teach and transmit values that benefit the social, intellectual, ethical, moral and spiritual development of the individual, and believes in the power of music as a universal language.

As Music Ambassador of IPF’s Music For Peace International (West African Music Wing), Daniel’s dedication extends to creating meaningful and impactful projects and musical experiences in forging new relationships and partnerships within IPF’s musical landscape.

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